The Government of Nepal has decided to shut all educational institutions for four days starting Tuesday, until Friday, owing to the severe deterioration of air quality in recent days.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology took the decision on Monday stating that the increasing levels of air pollution could adversely affect the children's health.

Across the country, a sudden rise in air pollution levels is being experienced in the past few days. The Ministry of Health and Population had issued a statement cautioning the people of the dire effects of poor air quality, urging all to take necessary precautions and to avoid going out unnecessarily.

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People, especially those living in Kathmandu, have been complaining of burning eyes and nose, itchy throat, among other health issues.

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Following poor visibility induced by the smog, domestic and international flights in the country's only international airport too had been affected last week.

Among other reasons, widespread instances of wildfire that are a common occurrence during this season, are being cited as the major cause behind this particular environmental concern.