Nepal Rastrabadi Samyukta Morcha commits not to conduct anti-poll activities

BHADRAPUR, JHAPA: Nepal Rastrabadi Samyukta Morcha, an outfit operating in the eastern Nepal, and now against the December 7 elections, has committed not to carry out any activities disrupting the polls.

The commitments were made at a meeting between rights activists, civil society leaders and the morcha itself in Jhapa on Wednesday.

The participating rights activists and civil society leaders suggested that the morcha could get their demands met through peaceful activities.

The meeting also decided to draw the attention of the government, political parties, and concerned authorities to fulfil their demands.

The morcha has been accused of conducting criminal activities like bomb explosion in eastern districts targeting the polls.

Earlier a week ago, the morcha's central leader was arrested from Birtamod, Jhapa, on the charge of carrying out criminal activities targeting the elections.