Nepal urges govt to declare ceasefire

Pokhara, September 22:

CPN-UML general secretary, Madhav Kumar Nepal, said the Maoists have announced the unilateral ceasefire taking into consideration the peoples’ desire and that his party has taken the truce announcement positively. He said this while addressing an interaction programme organised by Sambad Nepal in Pokhara today. Unilateral ceasefire cannot help restore peace in Nepal and therefore, the government must respond to this announcement by declaring ceasefire. He said, “the presenent government is neglecting the Maoists’ called for ceasefire. The result of this negligence might be bad for the nation’s welfare.”

“The state and the Maoists both must immediately stop the politics of gun,” he said adding, “the Maoists must practise what they have announced regarding the unilateral ceasefire and they should not be inclined bring an end to the ceasefire.” Nepal reiterated that the political parties were ready to join hands with the Maoists if the latter gave up violence and took the path of democracy to attain their political objective. Nepal said that the UML is trying to contact with the Maoist leadership to talk on different issues including forging alliance. “We are ready to go for a constituent assembly to give the nation an outlet to the present political chaos,” Nepal said.

“The Cabinet is a group of corrupt persons and the King is being supported by inferior persons,” he blamed. International support is very necessary for the reinstatement of the dissolved House of Representatives, he said adding, “People may be forced to opt for a republican set-up if the king went against Constitution. He also confessed that it was a mistake on the part of his party to join the Sher Bahadur Deuba government.