Nepal urges Maoists to stop acts of terror

Itahari, September 14 :

CPN-UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal today urged the Maoists to stop killing, abducting people and collecting donations forcibly.

He also urged them to win peoples’ heart. “If the Maoists want to win people’s hearts, they should not threaten the people,” said Nepal, adding, “No one is above the people. The bare hands of the people are powerful than thousands of guns.”

Inaugurating the Karam Puja Festival of the Jhangad community in Tanmuna VDC in Sunsari, Nepal urged the Maoists to give up the extreme left track.

“There is a need for improvement and change in those who are supporters of status quo. A guarantee of good governance, transparent working style and consensus are the needs of the day,” said Nepal.

He cautioned the Maoists that the people who had dismantled the autocracy of the king could easily dismantle others’ autocracy also. Saying that regressive forces are hatching conspiracies to prevent the election to a constituent assembly, Nepal said all sides should adopt maximum flexibility to hold constituent assembly polls.

Nepal stressed the need for the representation of all castes and races in the parliament.

Saying that monarchy was still not dismantled totally, Nepal said it was the people now who would decide the fate of the nation. “We want to practice direct democracy,” said Nepal.

He also said that the government should give funds to provide education to the children of the Jhangad community who are deprived of education.