Kathmandu, June 3 A ‘Sister Park’ relationship has been set up between Nepal’s Chitwan, Langtang, and Sagarmatha national parks and the United States’ Yosemite National Park. This relationship between national parks is designed to promote bilateral cooperation through information sharing and direct park-to-park contacts, according to a statement issued by the US Embassy in Kathmandu. The embassy added that the arrangement provides a forum for collaboration on shared research and monitoring, and enriches the experience and training of park personnel through international exchanges. In conjunction with World Environment Day, this is an important environmental milestone for the two countries. As per this agreement, Chitwan, Langtang, Sagarmatha and Yosemite will collaborate on the preservation and restoration of natural and cultural resources, visitor education and safety, development of strategies, and implement research, inventorying and monitoring programmes necessary to preserve and protect the parks. “Yosemite, Langtang, and Sagarmatha are rooted in dramatic mountain ranges that support diverse ecological communities, immense natural resources, and centuries of human history,” said US Ambassador to Nepal Alaina B Teplitz. “These parks in both nations are strong economic engines for their surrounding communities, but face increased challenges from development, illegal activities, population growth, and climate change.”