BANKE: The Special Security Plan, which was recently introduced by the government to curb criminal activities, has proved futile here in Banke, as there has been no pause in murder, abduction and explosion.

Specially, incidents of extortion, abduction and threats have unleashed terror among the local businessmen of Nepalgunj. Consequently, business activities in the area have remarkably gone down of late.

Although police claim that workers of different underground armed outfits are involved in such incidents, they are yet to contain such activities even after the implementation of the security plan.

Most of the businessmen here said that they had been living amid impending danger due to frequent letters and telephone calls through which the members of the underground outfits demand huge sum.

Many of them conceded that they could not invest in their business as per their will due to the prevalent situation. Damodar Acharaya, chairman of Nepalgunj Business Entrepreneurs, said that the business activities in the area had been susiding due to the threats of armed outfits.

"Who will invest in business if they have to lose their lives for their involvement in the sector?'' he asked, adding, "New investors too are turning their head from business sectors lately.''

According to Acharya, the businessmen have been sick of the unabated extortion by ever-increasing armed outfits. "Each businessman has given donation for more than three times to the members of the same group, that too a very big amount.''

"And lately, if there is call from unknown callers, we simply reject it as it could be another armed group," he revealed.

The local businessmen also expressed concern about the abduction of their colleague Gaurab Rastogi. Whereabouts of Rastogi, who was abducted six months ago, is still unknown.

"Till how long can we continue giving in to their donation demand?'' another businessman asked. "Amid such frequent donation and the threat to life, I'm considering leaving this sector altogether."

They also chastised the administration for failing to provide security to them and their businesses. "How can we rest assured that the police will provide security to us even as they are yet to trace the abducted friend within six months?'' Acharya said.

The police, however, claimed that the security situation was improving. Raj Kumar Baidawar, DSP, said they were closely looking into the cases of murder, abduction, and donation lately. "Besides, we have a special unit for the security of the businessmen.''