The Nepali Army today handed over the newly constructed Karnali Corridor to the Department of Roads.

Karnali Corridor spanning from Kalikot's Lalu through Bajura up to Humla's Sarisalla is 122.75 kilometres long, according to Nepali Army officer Milan Karki. The road was handed over to Hilsa Simikot Road Project Chief Bisun Dawa Lama at Bajura's Tirthichaur today.

Karnali Corridor covers 44 kilometres in Kalikot, 44 kilometres in Bajura and 38.75 kilometres in Humla. Nepali Army had started the corridor construction some eight years ago. The project is learnt to have cost Rs 1.65 billion.

Humla is the only district not connected by the road network in the country. Karnali Corridor is the only way to connect the district with road network. Though the vehicles have reached Humla, they are yet to reach the headquarters Simikot.

The construction of the corridor has elated the locals in Bajura and Humla. "We had to carry rice and salt on our backs. The road has ended that and opened the door for development," said Govind Malla, chair of Himali Rural Municipality.

Kalikot's Khulalu is considered a zero point of the corridor. They have set the target to expand the corridor from Banke and Rupaidiha to China's Tibet through Humal's Simikot.

Province lawmaker Baldev Regmi from Bajura said the corridor would serve as a key to end poverty and backwardness in the region.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 17 2021, of The Himalayan Times.