Koirala advised to hand over Nepali Congress leadership

Kathmandu, November 4

Nepali Congress leader Shashanka Koirala today suggested to party president Sushil Koirala to be ready to hand over the party leadership at the 13th National General Convention scheduled for March.

Speaking today at ongoing Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of the party at the party headquarters in Sanepa, Koirala said, “As he is the party president, he should be ready to take criticisms in his stride and be ready to allow other leaders to lead the party by turns.”

Although Koirala, who is the son of NC founder leader BP Koirala, did not elaborate his remarks, he hinted that he wanted to hold the post of party general secretary under the leadership of either Sher Bahadur Deuba or Ram Chandra Paudel, according to party sources.

He, however, defended the decision of party president Sushil Koirala to field his candidacy in the prime ministerial election.

“BP Koirala rejected alliance with left forces in 1980’s referendum. My brother Prakash Koirala pleaded that the NC should not go against constitutional monarchy, saying democracy and constitutional monarchy are pillars of Nepal’s nationalism.

We have committed mistakes by forging alliances with the left. So, we broke it now,” Shashanka told the CWC meeting, according to sources.

Shashanka Koirala, however, said that the party had to face defeat in the prime ministerial election due to lack of clarity among the leaders.

Another CWC member Narahari Acharya said the party should not have broken the gentlemen’s agreement with UML regarding power sharing.“The party’s recent moves have damaged the morale of party workers. If the party leaders do not change their working style, the NC will fail to solve national problems,” Acharya said, according to sources.

Bhishma Raj Angdambe suggested that at least one constituency of each hilly district should be retained while delineating electoral constituencies. He said party should not go for including Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari districts in the Tarai province.

“If any or all the three districts are included in the Tarai province, the country will have to face another movement that would be uncontrollable and far more damaging than the ongoing agitation,” he said.

Pradip Giri said the definition of nationalism and democracy had changed after recent political developments and the party’s youths should be ready to drive the party in the changed context.

Other members including Mahalaxmi Upadhaya (Dina), Ishwori Neupane and Ram Kumar Chaudhari had criticised the party leadership for filing candidacy in the PM’s election. Some of the CWC members, including Ananda Dhungana and Dil Bahadur Gharti, defended Koirala’s decision.


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