Shashank Koirala forges clarification over remarks on judiciary

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashank Koirala has clarified that he was clear about and aware of the duties and jurisdiction of executive, legislature and judiciary prescribed by Nepal's Constitution.

In Biratnagar on Saturday, Koirala had said the judiciary should be brought under the legislature through an amendment to the Constitution. He was responding to a query that related the Supreme Court's recent order, which revoked the government's decision on the Nepal Police chief appointment, with the purported constitution amendment.

Anticipating a controversy over his remarks, the Nepali Congress party's central office issued a clarifying statement , undersigned by Koirala, yesterday night and recirculated it to the media this morning.

The Nepali Congress and its president, Sher Bahadur Deuba, have been dragged to court for the party's Central Working Committee's decision that criticised the apex court for revoking the government decision on the appointment of Nepal Police chief and the top leader's public remarks that was allegedly tantamount to disrespect to the judiciary. The Supreme Court has issued a show cause order to the Nepali Congress and Deuba.

"It is all known that Nepali Congress, since its establishment, has faith on worldwide norms of democracy. I am inspired by and committed to the values of parliamentary governing system, independent judiciary, press freedom and human rights since my childhood," the statement read.

"Thus, I am equally aware about the jurisdiction and duties of executive, legislature and judiciary that are prescribed by Nepal's Constitution as per the principle of separation of power," Koirala said.

"Like I am clear about the executive's jurisdiction, I would like to inform that I am equally aware about the obligation to respect the judiciary's dignity."

"Thus, I would like to make it clear that all my past and future remarks on the matter would consider the respected judiciary's dignity and democratic values."