Nidhi terms govt a failure

Chitwan, February 17

Nepali Congress Vice-president Bimalendra Nidhi today said that the incumbent government had failed miserably.

Speaking at a press meet organised in Bharatpur by Press Union Chitwan, Nidhi said that the government had failed to contain inflation, maintain peace and security, and advance development projects.

Nidhi claimed that the Nepali Congress had played an effective role as opposition in the Parliament. He said that his party had prevented the government from passing anti-people laws from the Parliament. “The Nepali Congress has played its role as opposition with accountability and sincerity,” Nidhi argued.

Nidhi made it clear that his party was not in favour of changing the government at the moment. “Changing the government is not the priority of Nepali Congress. We are busy with the party’s general convention and strengthening party organisation,” he stated.

Nidhi claimed that party’s 14th general convention would be held within the set deadline at any cost. He said the party did not have any dispute regarding its doctrine. “The party is being run in accordance with its statute and on the basis of consensus,” he added.