Nepali migrant worker in Malaysia out of contact for 3 years

JAJARKOT: A Nepali migrant worker in Malaysia has been out of contact with his family members for the past three years, the family members said.

Mother of the missing, Mahendra Singh of Talegaun-1 in Jajarkot, Ganga Singh said that he had gone to Malaysia around four years ago through Lalitpur-based Lucky HR Manpower Pvt Ltd and gone out of contact since October 2013.

Mahendra had paid Rs 135,000 for a job at the LI Company, an electronic company, in Selangor of Malaysia.

Ganga said that when she approached the agent, she was misled multiple times.

At some times, she was told that her son Mahendra had already left the company over an issue with one of his female colleagues and at other times she was told that he ran away fleecing one of staff.

She has demanded that the whereabouts of her son should be located at the earliest.