Nepali worker in Qatar blocked from returning home

DOHA: Bhawani Shankar Chapagain from Lumle-2 in Kaski of west Nepal, who has been in Qatar for the past three years in connection with employment, is in distress. The reason for his distress is exploitation by his employer.

He is neither paid on a regular basis, nor allowed to go home. The High Engineering Construction Company where he was working did not grant him leave even in the demise of his mother.

Unfair treatments from the company have put Chapagain in much pain. This time, he wished to return home to meet his ailing father who is undergoing treatment in the Western Regional Hospital, Pokhara. But, the Company neither granted him leave, nor provided remuneration.

It has been six months that the company did not pay him well.

This unfair treatment by his employer forced him to knock the door of the Nepali Embassy here, which wrote a letter to the Labour Court seeking justice to him.

Though the Court summoned the company owner, a Pakistani national, to discuss the matter, his problem has not been solved after the latter turned deaf ears towards the Court’s call.