Neeta Maskey

Washington, DC, June 29:

The annual convention of the Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA) will be held on July 4. The meet begins on Friday in Dallas, Texas, with the theme ‘Peace and Unity for Prosperity’. Over 3,000 are expected to attend.

Held every US Independence Day (July 4) holiday weekend, the convention has long been a tradition in bringing together Nepalis from across North America and other continents.

The focus of this year’s convention is on topics like ‘Crisis Resolution and Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Nepal’. Forums will not only highlight current political, social and economic challenges in Nepal but also discuss how Nepalis abroad can help in solving the problems. The convention will also address Maoist insurgency’s impact on children and Nepal’s changing social structure due to the role of women combatants in the conflict.

The organisers say they are upbeat about Nepal’s future and that through peace and unity comes prosperity. Investment opportunities in Nepal for non-resident Nepalis and the challenges they face there will also be a major topic of interest.

Established in 1983, ANA aims to preserve and promote Nepali identity and culture, and bring Nepalis abroad closer among themselves.