KATHMANDU: Nepal has witnessed a relatively significant rise in the number of COVID-19 recovery cases in the last seven days, compared to the past weeks, adding a glimmer of hope as the nation as a whole grapples with the rapidly rising number of positive cases.

In the last week alone, as many as 3445 cases of recovery from the coronavirus infection was reported in the country.

On June 27, last Saturday, Nepal's COVID-19 recovery tally stood at 2,834 wherein 136 cases had been reported on the day.

The following days too had seen a steady rise in the numbers of those being discharged from across hospital facilities after testing negative for the disease.

Nepal had reported a drastic four digit rise in the number of recovery cases on Wednesday, with as many as 1,462 persons earlier diagnosed with the disease completely healing from the respiratory infection.

Currently, the pandemic in Nepal is still on the surge with the highest single-day spike in the number of newly detected cases recorded today --740 specifically. 823 cases of recovery being reported on the same day sends mixed signals regarding the status of the novel infection in Nepal.

As of today, Nepal has seen 15,259 COVID-19 transmissions and 6,143 recovery cases with which Nepal's recovery rate stands at about 40.26 percent. The rate is comparatively lower than that of its southern neighbor which boasts a 60.73 recovery rate as per a report on the Times of India.

As Nepal improves its recovery tally, sending a hopeful message in in these grim times, it would be worthwhile to appreciate the efforts of frontline health workers, who despite lack of adequate support, are working to the best of their abilities to contain the pandemic.