New bird found in Chitwan

CHITWAN: A new species of bird has been spotted recently in Chisapanitar in Shaktikhor within the Mahabharat Range of Chitwan district.

A team of Bird Education Society, Chitwan discovered the bird known as 'hoary throated barwing' in course of their three-day monitoring, according to Basu Bidari, immediate past president of the Society.

The bird is named 'ban chahaar' in Nepali. It inhabits within an altitude of 1,500 metres to 3,500 metres. It migrates to lower altitude in winter, shared Bidari.

With this new-found bird, Chitwan alone has total 630 species of birds. Of the total 9,000 species of birds spotted across the globe, Nepal is the home to altogether 875 birds' species, according to the Society.

Recently, discovery of new species of birds in the hilly areas of Chitwan is on the rise due to the migration of birds in winter, according to ornithologists.