New front set up to fight for total democracy

Kathmandu, January 4:

A United Democratic Front (UDF) has been set up to fight for “total democracy” and to establish peace in the country through the election of constituent assembly that will include participants from all sectors, including the Maoists. A preparation committee towards that end has been formed under the chairmanship of Prof Dr Ram Man Shrestha.

“We felt the need to unify all sectors to take the people’s movement to new heights and towards a decisive goal,” Shrestha said at a press meet.

He said as the palace and the royal cabinet were committed to destroying the country and ruling over the ruins, all sectors of the society should unite to prevent such an outcome.

“The possibility of peace has threatened the autocratic ruler and his supporters. The reiteration of their intent to suppress the stir indicates that the country is headed for more bloodshed. This autocratic government has also turned a deaf ear to the international plea for peace.”