New mother lives with sanitary pad in her uterus for 12 days

BAGLUNG: A new mother had to live with a sanitary pad lodged in her uterus for 12 days after having a normal delivery.

Thirty-year-old Sushma Thapa Magar of Kushmisera, Jaimini Municipality-1 in the district, had gone to Dhawalagiri Zonal Hospital, Baglung for delivery. But the health workers attending on Sushma forgot to remove a sanitary pad they had used to stop the bleeding during the procedure after they were done with it.

The sanitary pad was removed from Sushma's uterus on Sunday, 12 days after the delivery.

Sushma visited the hospital when her pain did not subside even after 12 days of the normal delivery. But to her and the hospital's astonishment, it was found that a sanitary pad was lodged in her womb.

Magar said instead of acknowledging their mistake, the health workers misbehaved with her when she went to them with the complaint. She said she had to live with intense pain in her stomach for 12 days due to the sheer negligence of the health workers.