Nepal | January 20, 2020

New mother suffering from postpartum hemorrhage rescued by helicopter

Niroj Koirala

Officials helping a new mother to board a chopper in Bhojpur district, on Monday, May 06, 2019. Photo: Niroj Koirala/THT

BHOJPUR: Following excessive bleeding after giving birth to a child, a new mother from a remote village in Bhojpur district has been rescued by a helicopter and taken to a Biratnagar-based hospital, on Monday.

Kamala Rai, a native of Ramprasad Rai Rural Municipality-3 and currently residing at Bhotepasal in Bhojpur Municipality-9, was rescued by the chopper in line with the President Women Upliftment Programme today.

Kamala delivered a baby at home around 3:38 am on Monday. However, due to excessive bleeding, she was admitted to the District Hospital before being airlifted to Biratnagar in the afternoon.

According to the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen (MOWCSC), Rai was airlifted in a helicopter as per the rescue procedure 2018 for pregnant and nursing mothers residing at remote areas who are at risk.

Local women activist Nirmala Khadka said, “This type of rescue operation should be made effective as it saves the lives of the mother and her child.”

Anju Dhungana, Section Officer at the President Women Upliftment Programme, said, the ministry has been carrying out free helicopter rescue for pregnant and nursing mothers.

After preparing the rescue procedure 2018, the government has been providing free helicopter rescue service since January.

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