New party will be registered at EC on submission of task force report: Dahal

CHITWAN: The CPN Maoist Centre Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal has asserted that the party unification would be announced officially after the task force submits its report.

Speaking with media persons at Bharaptur Airport in Chitwan on Tuesday, Dahal said, "Central Committee Joint Meeting would be held after the task force submits its report based on interim statue drafted with initial agreements forged by the Party Unification Coordination Committee on Monday."

"Two task force have been formed yesterday. The Central Committee Joint Meeting will be held after reports prepared by the two task force are submitted," Dahal shared.

"Previously formed Central Committee will be dissolved and a new Central Committee will be formed. We will officially register our new party at the Election Commission," former PM Dahal added.

"Conceptually and practically we have become a single communist party. However, the new party would come into existence after officially filing registration at the Election Commission," Dahal explained.

"Both the chairman would take turns to assume chair of the new party meetings. The party will have two chairpersons and put signatures accordingly," Dahal said.

According to Dahal, unification of the two parties has created a base for political stability, economic prosperity and good governance in the country. "It has not only affected our beloved countrymen and cadres but will also have impact on national and international levels."

"Before elections we had committed to general public that the party would be unified after the elections, would use full force to bring political stability for economic prosperity and development in the nation. Today, I stand before you after the party unification decision," Dahal shared.

Former Prime Minister Dahal said the leftist parties unification in Nepal will have positive impact in South Asia and rest of the world.