The Ministry of Federal Affairs has issued the ‘Employee Adjustment Standard-2021’ to address grievances voiced by civil servants, who were recently adjusted at the federal, provincial, and local levels, as per the Employee Adjustment Act-2017.

According to the MoFAGA, the standard also aims to make the decision of the Government of Nepal regarding the adjustment of employees more systematic, more effective, easier and simpler. This standard paves the ways for adjustment at the provincial or local levels from the federal level, from one province to another province, from the province to the local level and from one local level to another on the basis of bilateral consent.

“Only employees, who have at least three years to attain compulsory retirement from service, shall be eligible to be adjusted in the province or local level from the federal level,” says the standard. Similarly, employee adjustment shall be made only for permanent positions of the province or the local level concerned.

“Any employee willing to be adjusted in the province or local level shall have to obtain a ‘no objection letter’ to ensure that his or her adjustment does not affect service delivery at the province or local level,” it reads.

Such ‘no objection letter’ shall be issued by the Office of the Chief Minister or Council of Ministers in the case of a province, and by the chief/chairperson of the rural municipality/ municipality in the case of a local level.

The positions lying vacant at the federal level after adjustment of employees in the province or local level shall be fulfilled by the federal ministry/ agency concerned, with prior approval of the MoFAGA.

As per the standard, employees of Cottage and Small Industries Development Board, Remote Area Development Board, District Coordination Committee, rural municipality and municipality may opt for adjustment in such offices situated in the district where they hail from.

Employees whose case is sub judice in the Supreme Court, shall be assigned to carry out appropriate responsibilities in the ministries concerned until the apex court delivers its final verdict. However, no employee shall be adjusted at the provincial or federal levels from the local level and at the federal level from the province.

Similarly, any employee, who has been promoted after adjustment may be adjusted again.

Those appointed at the provincial and local levels through open competition after the commencement of the Employee Adjustment Act and those whose adjustment has been amended twice after the main adjustment in 2018 shall also be deemed ineligible for new adjustment.

As per the standard, adjustment of employees may be done online. For this, employees concerned are required to submit an application to the MoFAGA through email, along with the previously obtained adjustment letter.

The standard has also stipulated the provision of a four-member adjustment facilitation committee to render necessary assistance to the MoFA- GA and employees concerned.

However, adjustment of employees under health services shall be made by the Ministry of Health and Population in accordance with the standard.

The government shall deny grant to the local levels that refuse to accept newly-adjusted employees.