NGOs make money at hospital’s expense

Banke, December 9:

Three different organisations are reportedly utilising the income generated from the resources of Bheri zonal hospital to serve their own purposes.

The N-SARC and district chapters of Nepal Medical Council and Nepal Red Cross Society have leased some blocks of the hospital and are using amount generated for their own benefits, the hospital development committee said.

Bed Prasad Acharya, president of the committee, alleged that the organisations were collecting handsome amount from the lessee without even informing the hospital.

“The rent must be in hundreds of thousands of rupees annually. They haven’t felt it necessary to inform the hospital management, let alone giving the amount to the hospital,” Acharya said, adding, “They are amassing handsome amount at the cost of the hospital.”

Chief of the N-SARC, Dr Jeera Shakya, has been using two rooms of the hospital to run a private clinic and a medicine store. Similarly, the NMS and NRCS have leased a block each. The NMC has leased six shutters for Rs 189,994 annually, while the NRCS has leased five shutters and some rooms in the upper floor for the same amount.

“This has been going on for the last 13 years,” Acharya alleged.

Dr Shyam Sundar Yadav, chief of the hospital, said the abuse of hospital resources was a loss to the hospital.

“The amount being collected by the organisations should immediately be handed over to the hospital to improve its services,” Dr Yadav added.

Though the hospital development committee had sounded the three organisations on different dates to vacate the blocks, they have ignored it so far.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the hospital development committee, has decided to padlock these blocks if they were not vacated within Saturday.

“We will request them to come into agreement. Otherwise, we will be compelled to padlock these blocks,” Acharya said.

Dr Shakya said she was using the block after seeking permission of the earlier committee. “Instead of vacating the space, I am ready to pay the rent,” she added.

Chairperson of the NRCS Narbada Sharma said

that the income generated from the lease was being utilised to run the blood bank. “It is being used to pay the salary of the employees,”she added.