Kathmandu, June 16:

The National Human Rights Commission today urged the government and Maoists to make public the name of persons who disappeared in their custody.

It has further urged both the parties to refrain from violating human rights, to bring to books the human rights violators and compensate the victims of rights violation.

“At a time when the Maoist leaders are here, we request both the parties to make public the list of disappeared individuals,” said NHRC member Sudip Pathak. Out of the disappearance complaints registered at the NHRC, the government is yet to release the list of 583 missing individuals while the whereabouts of 332 individuals abducted by the Maoists continue to remain unknown.

Similarly, the status of 56 individuals who were taken by unidentified groups remains unknown. The NHRC today made public a list of missing people.

Pathak further said the comission is investigating the case concerning the reported killing of 47 detainees kept at Bhairabnath barrack in Shivapuri jungle. Out of the 47 detainees who were allegedly killed by the security forces, it has come to the comission’s notice that two are alive and are in government detention. “We are investigating the case,” said Pathak.

Meanwhile, the Society of the Families of the Disappeared (SOFAD) today claimed that the government has not made public the list of the people who have been spirited away by the previous government.

“Even after political change, the government is not taking the issue of disappearence of citizens seriously,” said SOFAD coordinator Sharmila Tripathi in a press statement.