NHRC submits report to govt on ‘rights violations’ in Kapilvastu

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 1:

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) today submitted its recommendations to the government on cases of human rights violations in Kapilvastu following recent monitoring in the district. It urged the government to immediately set up an investigation committee to probe the March 19 incidents of killings and burning down of houses in the district.

Emphasising that the incident led to a huge loss of property, the NHRC said that the concerned authorities could not stop destructive and violent activities prompted by a certain organised committee and the public.

The monitoring team found that the killings took place right before the eyes of the security forces. It called on the government to be alert and give directions to the authorities to prevent such incidents in future. Around 318 houses in Halla Nagar, 118 houses in Bisanpur, 18 in Jalim Baghiya and 22 in Khurhuriya were torched forcing the locals to camp in the open. The NHRC called on the government to provide immediate relief to the victims and provide effective security to the civilians. The NHRC recommended the government to form a committee to probe the incidents to assess the loss of property and to bring the guilty to book.

The commission has forwarded its recommendations following its visit to various detention centres and residences of political leaders and cadres under detention and house arrest. It further urged the government to provide these leaders with immediate medical treatment and allow the detainees to meet their families and relatives. It called on the authorities to move the detainees from barracks.