NHRC to resend monitors to Tarai after agitators' commitment

KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission said it would resend its monitoring teams to Tarai districts after leaders of protesting parties expressed a commitment not to obstruct them.

Earlier on December 4, the NHRC had withdrawn its monitoring teams deployed in Tarai-Madhes citing “lack of environment.”

The constitutional human rights watchdog had resorted to withdrawal from its duty after its monitoring team was attacked by protesters in Nawalpur of Sarlahi on December 3. While the NHRC vehicle was torched, their documents and cameras were also burned by the agitators.

But, the Commission revised its decision and decided to continue with its responsibilities after discussions with stakeholders including leaders of the protesting United Democratic Madhesi Front.

According to NHRC member and spokesperson Mohna Ansari, the UDMF leaders during a meeting expressed sadness over the incident and expressed a commitment to the NHRC monitoring teams in the future.

Those participated in the meeting were Laxman Lal Karna of Sadbhawana Party, Ram Naresh Raya of Tarai Madhes Sadbhawana Party, Lalbabu Raut of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, Tula Narayan Sah of Nepal Madhes Foundation and Vijay Kant Karna of Jagrit Nepal.