Nidhi accuses communist govt of making state helpless

DHANGADHI: Nepali Congress vice-president and former minister Bimalendra Nidhi has accused the communist government of making the province helpless.

Speaking at a programme organised by the Press Union Kailali Chapter on Tuesday, NC senior leader Nidhi said the government is trying to take away state rights envisioned by the constitution.

He argued that the state government has been handicapped as the federal government has not decentralised any power to them. "Instead of asking power with the central government, the state is languishing in a pitiful state," Nidhi shared.

Although the state governments have been established, they do not have employees and entities to develop plans and policies for the state.

"State government should be able to draft laws, have their own public service commission and police force, but the communist government is exercising Janabadi system of their own in the state," Nidhi said.

He further accused that the two-thirds majority communist government is failing to work according to the people's aspirations.

"Federalism is in danger at the hands of the communist government, and therefore, Nepali Congress is always there to alert them," Nidhi added.

Meanwhile, the NC has called for a Far-Western provincial meet in Dhangadhi today.