NMSP announces fresh protests

KATHMANDU: Sharat Singh Bhandari-led National Madhes Socialist Party has decided to impose an indefinite general strike in Madhes from today under its second phase programme.

The NMSP issued a press release today saying the major parties responded only to the grievances of Karnali, Surkhet and Thori residents, but not those of Madhesis and Tharus while revising the propose Pradesh demarcation.

The Party has demanded to carve out two provinces in Madhes - one from Jhapa to Parsa and another from Chitwan to Kanchanpur.

Party Spokesperson Keshav Jha said his party was in favour of having Chure districts including Udaypur, Sindhuli and Makwanpur in the Madhes province from Jhapa to Parsa. He also said Chure areas from Chitwan to Kanchanpur should also be in the Tharuhat province.

The party demanded to form separate constitutional commissions for Muslims, indigenous nationalities and Madhesis.

NMSP supported the United Democratic Madhesi Front’s demand to declare Rajiv Raut, who was killed in police firing in Bhardaha of Saptari a martyr and provide compensation to family members of the deceased.

The party said that Saptari and Nawalparasi districts were divided mainly due to communal mindset and it could not accept such divisions.