No accord yet on interim govt head, says Deuba

Nepalgunj, November 10:

Former Prime Minister and the president of the Nepali Congress-Democratic, Sher Bahadur Deuba, today said there has been no agreement on the leadership in the interim government.

“There is no agreement on the leadership of the interim government. But the issue of leading the same is not a big one,” Deuba told a press meet here. Stating that the agreement between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists is the beginning of the historic achievement, he said: “The Maoists should implement the agreement honestly and the government should help them do so.”

Peace will be restored in the country if both the parties follow the agreement honestly, Deuba said, adding: “There are doubts whether the Maoists will implement the agreement or not. But we can be optimistic in this regard.”

On the UML’s disagreement, Deuba said: “We also have disagreement. But we did not make it public because what we have achieved now is a historic thing.”

Stating that the NC-D disagrees with the agreement on constituent assembly polls, Deuba said: “The NC-D is in favour of a democratic federal system.”

On the party’s agenda for constituent assembly polls, he said: “It will be decided either by the party’s general committee meeting or a special convention.”

“Two congresses (NC and NC-D) will be united only after the national problems are solved. Unification is possible only after December 1,” Deuba said. Claiming that he was in favour of the party unification, he said: “NC president Girija Prasad Koirala has also insisted for the parties’ merger.”

Asked whether he was close to the king, he said: “People used to say Prachanda acted on the king’s behalf.”