No amnesty for serious war crimes: TRC chief

Sindhulimadhi, June 4

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Chairperson Surya Kiran Gurung has clarified that the proceedings of the commission will move ahead as per the spirit of the Comprehensive Peace Accord.

Speaking with media persons in Sindhulimadhi on Saturday, Gurung said formation of the commission was as a natural outcome of the Comprehensive Peace Accord between the then warring sides.

“As the transitional justice body was born out of the peace accord, there is no way the proceedings of the commission will be in violation of the spirit of the document,” he argued.

“The commission so far has initiated its works in a fair way and is committed to doing the same in the days to come. We are sensitive, serious, and accountable in the way we are performing our duties,” said Gurung, adding that the much talked about socio-economic revolution in the country will only be possible after healing the wounds inflicted by the insurgency.

Further, claiming that the commission will accomplish its task within the given deadline, Gurung ruled out the prospect of granting amnesty to the perpetrators of violence committed during the conflict.

“Though there are talks about granting amnesty at the political level, cases related to serious human rights breach bear significance in wider international scenario, and there is no way amnesty will be granted in each case,” he said.

According to him, a total of 15,108 complaints were filed from across the country so far. He said that around 23,000 complaint forms have been distributed so far. The commission had started collecting complaints from the conflict victims since the second week of April.