Nepal | November 21, 2019

No future for Madhes-based parties: CK Raut

Himalayan News Service

Siraha, April 13

Janamat Party Chairperson CK Raut has said the politics of Madhes-based parties is doomed to end soon.

“As it’s impossible to keep people in illusion forever, it won’t be long before the politics of Madhes-based parties will end forever,” said the JP chief, addressing the party’s ‘victory meeting’ in Siraha’s Mirchaiya today.

Raut also accused a few Madhes-based parties of spreading rumour against him.

“There are a few factors who are peddling rumours against us fearing that their days will soon be over. But let me tell those who are vying for ministerial berths by keeping people in illusion, we’ve come here following 10 months’ homework. We are all convinced we can achieve our goal through the constitution itself,” said the leader, adding that the Madhes-based parties lacked the authority to raise question over the agreement struck between him and the government.

“Whatever agreement I’ve struck, it was with the Government of Nepal, not with the prime minister, and it is our victory, said Raut.“It is an open secret that Madhes-based parties are always wallowing up in power by getting people killed,” he said.

“In fact, self-rule does not only mean drawing up a new boundary inside a geographical location, and it can’t be gained that way. It means the Dalits, women and the Madhesis being able to own up to the nation by remaining inside the same geographical location.

Such a nation with this provision is our vision,” said the leader.

A version of this article appears in print on April 14, 2019 of The Himalayan Times.

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