DHANGADHI: Sudur Paschim Province Chief Minister Trilochan Bhatta had vowed to end the pressure due to which people were compelled to migrate to India for foreign employment. He had committed to creating employment when he resumed the office of the chief minister.

Despite the commitment, neither the employment opportunity has been created in the province nor the pressure to find employment in the southern neighbouring country has dropped.

The Nepali migrant workers who arrived home for celebrating Dashain and Tihar festivals have begun returning to India. A large number of migrants have been flocking to Gauriphanta border checkpoint in order to enter India.

Deepak Chaudhary, a migrant worker who had returned home to celebrate Hindus' main festivals, said he was going to India since there was not enough employment opportunities in the country. He said there were a lot of others who were compelled to seek foreign employment.

The seasonal workers find jobs in India and during the off-season, they return home to engage themselves in farming while others go back to India after celebrating festivals, a migrant worker said. Another migrant, Saud said he was compelled to work in India to feed his family at home.

Up to 450 people have been leaving for India on foreign employment on daily basis after Tihar festival, according to Superintendent of Police Bhola Prasad Kushwaha at Armed Police Force of Nepal Company No. 53 based in Trinagar Customs Office. He said foreign job aspirants and migrant workers heavily outnumbered those returning home.