No respite from donation drive for eastern districts

DHARAN: The Kirat Janawadi Workers Party and Matrika Yadav led CPN-Maoists have intensified extortion drive in Dharan and the adjoining areas.

According to locals, cadres of the Maoists and the KJWP demanded heavy donations from businessmen, VDC secretaries, teachers and the common public. The outfits have also warned of physical action if they refused to pay donations. Donation drive has unleashed terror among the people in the area.

According to Ashok Tamrakar, chairman, Dharan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, the businessmen in the area are living in terror as the Maoists have been demanding hefty donations. He said, “It is a pity that the government has not been able to provide security to businessmen though various outfits have been terrorising businessmen.”

Urging the government to adopt necessary security measures to ensure safety for businessmen, Tamrakar said, that businessmen were not in the position to dole out donations.

Meanwhile, a VDC secretary informed that the outfits had demanded Rs 200,000 from the all the 76 VDC secretaries of Khotang district and warned of physical attack if they failed to pay the amount. The VDC secretaries have about the donation drive to Chief District Officer Ram Prasad Ghimire. CDO Ghimire assured that the VDC secretaries would be ensured security. He has also asked the VDC secretaries not to pay donations to any outfit.

Meanwhile, cadres of the KJWP have intensified their donation drive in the southern part of Bhojpur district. They have been demanding Rs 50,000 to Rs 200,000 from the VDC secretaries and the locals of Basingtharpu, Iyu, Kot and Gogane VDCs. Bhojpur CDO Prem Bhattarai said, “We have planned to set up an armed police force base camp in the area to keep a tab on criminal activities in the area.”

Cadres of the KJWP have also extracted donations from passengers in Aptar, Mainamaini, Belter and Chhuila.

Ramu Upadhaya, CDO, Dhankuta, said, “I have not received any complaints about extortions yet,” we would take measures against it if we received complaints.