ITAHARI: Wild elephants damaged five houses in Sunsari’s Prakaspur VDC-5 and 6 yesterday. Locals lamented that the tuskers destroyed around 2 tonnes of various grains during the attack. A local, Yogendara Koirala, lost 400 kg of corn and 480 kg of paddy. Two houses of Asilal Chaudhary were destroyed and food grains were eaten by the pachyderms. Likewise, Dimaya BK also suffered from the attacks.
Earlier, a person was injured during a similar attack in Madhuwan VDC. The injured is undergoing treatment at the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan.
Locals complain that they have been terrorised and cannot sleep at night. However, the local administration has made no attempt to chase the elephants away, Babulal Karki, a local said. The wild elephants have damaged two houses of Anandi Meheta in Madhuwan VDC-6 causing loss of property worth more than Rupees 1 lakh.
According to Ram Kumar Meheta, a local, two elephants from the nearby Koshi Tappu Wildlife Conservation Area had caused the loss.