No Tihar for landslides victim in Doti

DIPAYAL: The victims of landslides living in temporary shelter here in Doti district have lamented that they have no space to celebrate the Tihar.

"We're missing this Tihar. There is no happiness either," lamented the landslides-displaced victims.

The victims narrate their daily lives in which they have to reach the DAO seeking relief materials.

Six people were killed and hundred others were displaced in the landslide that occured in the district in mid August.

"There is no question of celebrating festivals when we do not have even food to ward off hunger,'' said Dev Bahadur Thapa of Gajari. An overwhelming majority in Doti echo Thapa's concern that they were facing shortage of foodstuff. Sher Bahadur BK, another victim from Lanakedareswor VDC, said, "I have been waiting for some relief to come before Tihar, but nothing came.''

Some 24 households were displaced in the Gajari area due to landslides which destroyed their lands and properties leaving them homeless.

According to Nepal Red Cross Society, the victims are living wretched lives in the make-shiftshelter. At least 15 houses got collapsed and 103 people of Ladaghada area displaced in the landslide, he added.

Deputy CDO of Doti, Rajkapur Chaulagain, said the government would distribute relief fairly only after collecting actual data of the victims. A team would be dispatched soon that comprised of the representatives of all parties, to collect the authentic data, he added. However, CDO Chaulagain said that the government was distributing immediate relief package as per the application received.

But the victims accused that the local administration was distributing relief discriminately.

Kin of the six deceased persons has not yet got their relief, they claimed. The victims also lamented that the political party leaders only provided them with a lip service.