No youth will have to go for foreign employment: Gyawali

Dolakha, May 1

Foreign Minister Pradip Gyawali has said that no youth will have to go for foreign employment after 10 years.

“At present, many youths are leaving the country for foreign employment, but this trend will stop by 2028 as the government is working to put an end to it.

People will, of course, want to go to foreign countries, but that won’t be for employment, only for visit,” said the foreign minister, speaking at a programme in Dolakha district headquarters Charikot today.

Further, the minister accused the opposition of being scared of the progressive agenda of the government and said, “The opposition is clearly worried by the good things that the government is doing to ensure prosperity and stability in the country, which is why it has taken to accusing the government unfairly of being authoritarian, totalitarian and what not,” he reasoned.

“If cracking down against the ills that have mired the country for years, such as smuggling, syndicate and corruption amounts to totalitarianism, so be it. I will assure them this will happen in the entire tenure of this government,” he quipped.

The minister also urged the opposition to join the government campaign to create a better and prosperous Nepal.

Foreign Minister Gyawali also expressed dissatisfaction with the so-called intelligent people and media making a mockery of the government’s development ambitions and agenda.

“I’ve heard them making jokes of the ambitious projects such as the development of cross border railway line floated by the government, but the government won’t be disheartened by any of these sneers and jeers. It will continue to do what it thinks is in the best interest of the country and people,” he said.

Foreign Minister Gyawali also expressed confidence that the country’s immediate neighbours, India and China, would support Nepal’s march towards development and prosperity.