Nobody to hear plight of the poor

Biratnagar, August 25

With unusually sunken eyes, hollow cheeks and limbs shrunk to the bone, the condition of one-year-old Sushila Yadav is serious, due to the poor economic condition of her parents the infant is still waiting for treatment.

Sushila is the sixth child of Mahananda Yadav and Sita Yadav of Sunsari, Devangunj Rural Municipality. Their eldest daughter is seven years old. Besides, while the father is a mental patient, the mother too has fits of epilepsy every now and then.

Earlier, the father earned by selling vegetables in Biratnagar. But, he has developed a mental problem and the mother too has fallen ill, the family is faring very badly.“We know that she is badly in need for treatment but what can we do unless we have money?” asked the father.