Noida twin murder: Hemraj’s mom wants killer doc in dock

Dharapani, May 25:

Krishna Kumari Banjade, 77-year-old mother of Hemraj Banjade, who was murdered in Noida, says the killer should get “severest punishment and pay for the upkeep of the Banjade family and fund studies of Hemraj’s nine-year-old son Prajwal.”

Krishna Kumari spoke after dentist Rajesh Talwar of Noida confessed to the police that he had killed his daughter Arushi and domestic help Hemraj Banjade to cover up his affair with fellow dentist Anita Durrani. Hemraj, 46, was found dead a couple of days after Talwar claimed the domestic help had killed his daughter Arushi and fled.

Confident that he will be able to cover up the entire episode, Talwar lodged a complaint at the Noida police station, accusing Hemraj of making an escape after killing Arushi. The police smelt a rat and grilled Talwar. During the investigation, Talwar confessed to killing Arushi and Hemraj.

Khumkala is mourning the death of her husband. Hemraj lost his father when he was eight. Since the age of 12, Banjade had been bearing the burden of feeding the family.

At the age of 22, he returned home and got married. After marriage, he worked in Malaysia for three years and moved to New Delhi. Khumkala said the last time he came home was two years ago. “The last time I talked to him over phone was on May 10. He also asked me to take care of our son and look after his mother,” she wept.

Jeevan Sharma, son-in-law of Hemraj, and friend Krishna Thapa have been languishing in the custody of Noida police for nine days in connection with the probe into the Talwar incident. Former chairman of Dharapani VDC Chhabilal Thapa said the incident would have been taken as a case of domestic help killing his employer’s daughter and fleeing if Nepalis based in India had not piled pressure on the police to delve into the nub of the matter.