Nepal | September 22, 2019

NRA questions morality of technicians ready to resign; warns to take action

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KATHMANDU: National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has issued a press statement in response to the news published by several media that the technicians — working on post-quake reconstruction of physical infrastructures that were damaged by April 2015 earthquake — were ready to resign.

The statement read that the NRA on Thursday had apprised the members of Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA) that a meeting of the council of ministers had addressed the technicians’ demand of additional services and allowances to be effective from September 6, last year.

Despite that, the technicians’ team decided to hand in their resignations, which according to NRA, raises a question as to the morality of the technicians, the issue being related to sensitivity of the quake victims.

The NRA, through its statement, further directs all the technicians to resume their work or the NRA would be compelled to take action against those found involved in hindering the reconstruction campaign.

Meanwhile, according to Deputy General Secretary at Nepal Engineers’ Association, Kapil Acharya, the NEA has urged all the technicians to return to work citing that their demands were fulfilled, albeit some difficulty, as the government has set local representatives to authenticate the on-duty presence of technicians.

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