NT staff want anti-stir officials out

Kathmandu, May 28:

Nepal Telecom employees last week submitted names of high level officials to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala seeking action against them for allegedly contributing to the suppression of the Jana Andolan.

Those who figure in the list include Information and Communication Secretary, Kumar Prasad Paudel, member of the Nepal Telecom Managing Committee, Sunil Pokharel, General Manager, Sugat Ratna Kansakar and Director of New Services Directorate, Madan Kaji Shakya.

Others include the Manager of New Services Directorate, Pramod Gurung, Manager of Human Resource Development Centre, Narayan Mahat and Senior Administrative Officer, Padma Raj Karki.

Allegations against them comprise conspiring in a manner that resulted in huge losses to the agency they worked for. they also allegedly conspired to shut down mobile telephony for as long as seven months and eight days which resulted in the loss of Rs 1.26 billion. There are also claims that Kansakar’s appointment is not legitimate as the cabinet decision does not imply that he has been retained. The move comes while the Rayamajhi commission is compiling names of people who conspired against the mass uprising.

Meanwhile, Chabi Raj Pant, who is currently Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, is tipped to be the next Information and Communication Secretary.