Number of viral fever patients on the rise in Far-Western Region

DHANGADHI: The number of viral fever patients in the Far-Western Region of Nepal has been on the rise lately.

According to a health officer, patients complaining of fever, nausea, pain in hands, legs and joints have been visiting more in the last three weeks.

The increase in the patients has been attributed to the seasonal change.

The communicable disease has gripped children and senior citizens most, informed Siddha Raj Bhatta of the Far-Western Regional Health Directorate in Dipayal.

Meanwhile, Bhatta said most of the patients have tested positive for typhoid after blood tests.

Treatment to the patients at the Dhangadhi-based Seti Zonal Hospital has also been difficult as the number of patients has increased there. They are also facing a medicine crunch and lack of medical staff following the increase in influx of patients.

Meanwhile, the Doti District Health Office has stated that it is operating under a severe crunch of medical equipment needed for diagnosis and it has compelled the hospital to treat patients based on what they say about their symptoms.