Octogenarian joins Grade 1 in Myagdi school

BABIYACHAUR, MYAGDI: In an unprecedented development, an octogenarian from Ratnechaur area of Beni Municipality-1 has taken up admission in Grade 1 here at a local school in Myagdi district.

80-year-old Amar Bahadur Thapa has enrolled on a primary level course of Grade 1 in the National Academy. Thapa gained admission more than five months ago and since then has been attending regular classes along with other students, the age of his grandchildren.

Thapa joined the class to learn Nepali and English numbers and alphabets. He aims to learn so that he could read religious scriptures, calculate and read the names of his family members and his location.

Thapa, whose belief is rested in Buddhist philosophy and teachings, says he wants to learn so that he could gain the knowledge himself.

He is a retired pensioner from the Indian Army.