KATHMANDU: The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights-Nepal (OHCHR-N) expressed serious concern about the increasing atrocities and violent activities instigated by the political parties themselves and its affiliated groups.

It also said that the subsequent threats of retaliation among the parties was doing nothing but hindering the peace process and drafting of the new constitution.

The Office called on the leaders of the political parties and their affiliated bodies to respect the rights of other political parties to peacefully carry out their lawful activities as well as the rights of the general people going on with their daily lives.

“All parties should advocate to respect the rule of law. This includes cooperating with the police to ensure proper and fair investigation to hold the responsible accountable for their actions instead of retaliating and sheltering criminals,” it said.

“I appeal to all the leaders to ensure that their members refrain from violence and threatening speeches, and respect the commitments made in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, and to respect human rights,” said OHCHR-Nepal Representative Richard