LALITPUR: Head of the United Nation-Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights-Nepal (OHCHR-N) Richard Bennet on Wednesday said that the OHCHR-N was ready to work with the civil society and human rights organisation in transitional justice project.

Bennet said they

would establish a mutual understanding at the sensitive phase.

He added that they would continue the collaboration with different concerned authorities until the end of the peace process.

Addressing a handbook launch for civil society, he said that the OHCHR-N is ready to work closely with National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and other civil institutions for establishing effective transitional justice.

Andrew Palmer, coordinator of the Strengthening National Human Rights Institutions and Civil Society Thematic Team under the UN-OHCHR said that the transitional justice project is essential for ending impunity in the society.

He said that the project would emphasise on logical ending of the peace process and establishing rule of law in the country.

He said that the OHCHR-N has allocated 300,000 US dollars for the project where they are giving priority to women, Dalits,

and other marginalised group to raise their living standard.

Dip Magar, member of the Discrimination and Economic Social Cultural Rights Team said that there is less reach of marginalised groups to formal justice system.