NFL Athlete Mark Pattison First NFL Athlete to Complete all Seven Summits


Arthur Bennett Muir has become the oldest American to scale Mt Everest this morning.

Arthur, 75, stood atop Mt Everest at 7:50 am, Iswari Poudel, Managing Director at Himalayan Guides, said.

He was accompanied by Pasang Bhote and Dawa Bhote.

Likewise, Mark Pattison, a former National Football League (NFL) athlete, also scaled Mt Everest as a part of Himalayan Guides Everest expedition, Paudel shared.

​​With this, Pattison has become the second NFL player to reach the summit of Mt Everest, he said, adding that he was accompanied by renowned guide Garrett Madison.

Mark Pattison is the first NFL athlete to complete all seven summits, Paudel elaborated.

At least 14 foreigners and 15 Sherpa climbers from Himalayan Guides scaled Everest this morning, he shared.

Under the 'Father & Son Climate Change Campaign Everest Expedition 2021', Purna Kumar Sherpa (P K Sherpa) & his 16-year-old son Sonam Sherpa also made the Everest ascent along with climbing Sherpa Chhebi Bhote, Paudel added.

More than 100 climbers from Pioneer Adventure, Himalayan Guides, Satori Adventure, Seven Summit Treks, TAG Nepal, 7 Summits Club and IMG Expedition scaled Mt Everest this morning, Basecamp officials shared.

Meanwhile, Rishi Bhandari from Satori Adventure shared that members from "Satori Everest expedition Spring -2021" and "Satori Lhotse expedition Spring -2021" scaled the 8848.86m high Everest and Mt Lhotse 8516M this morning, between 6:30 to 9:55 am.

The list of Everest summiteers is as follows -

1. Joshi Harshvardhan Yogesh - India

2.Godinho Eduardo Manuel Koch - South Africa

3. Ueda Yuki - Japan

4. Fute Sherpa - Nepal

5. Anup Rai - Nepal

6. Chhiring Sherpa - Nepal

7. Da-chheter Sherpa - Nepal

Lhotse (8516M) Summiteers:

1.Abramson Tatiana - Isreal

2.Dhakad Naina - India

3. Sharmila Tamang - Nepal

4. Chatur Tamang - Nepal

5. Pasang Sherpa