Oldest five honoured in Itahari

ITAHARI: Neither the jury nor the show of talent. If there was anything to ask, it was the age. They said their age and got honoured.

That is how top five senior citizens were picked from among 55 elderly persons. The victorious ones are Kashinath Pokharel (92), Dibyaraj Bhattarai (92), Naina Prasad Ghimire (88), Khadananda Regmi (88) and Rewanta Bahadur Shrestha (87). The Itahari-based Swagat Tol Bikas Sanstha (STBS) on Wednesday honoured the elderly to what it calls develop positive and respectful attitude towards them, to mark its fourth anniversary. All the participating old persons were given bouquets and delicacies.

Ganesh Dahal, acting officer, Itahari municipality, honoured them by wrapping shawls while Bhadra Thapa Magar, president, STBS, handed them tokens of love.

Briddha Chautari Itahari, an NGO working for the welfare of the elderly, was also honoured on the occasion.

The situation took an interesting turn when the elderly kept looking at the juice provided rather than drinking it. Kashinath Pokharel asked, "What is this? Are we to drink it?" He took a sip only when the volunteers nodded.

The elderly also enjoyed apples, biscuits and rice pudding. They expressed gratitude for being honoured. Dahal said the country can benefit if it listens to the elderly.