Security tightened in valley following court's ruling, forces on alert


Supporters of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli have taken to the streets protesting against the Supreme Court's order to reinstate House of Representatives that was dissolved by Oli-government in May.

The apex court had also, in today's verdict in the House dissolution case, issued an order to appoint Sher Bahadur Deuba as the Prime Minister, legitimising his claim for the post.

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Cadres of the National Youth Force gathered in Maitighar Mandal chanting slogan against the freshly passed verdict that goes against Oli's continuity in power.

"We will not accept all the orders passed by the Supreme Court, be ware!" the demonstrators chanted.

Oli's confidant and the youth wing leader Mahesh Basnet was present at the protests too. Basnet claimed that the court's decision was unfair as it is not the judiciary but the president's prerogative to appoint the Prime Minister, and as such the order is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, pro-Oli demonstrators have staged protests against the SC decision in Janakpur as well.

Security heightened, forces on alert

With the court's ruling, security forces have been asked to stay on alert given the possibility of any untoward situation, or clashes between the opposing groups in the aftermath of the judiciary's decision.

According to a Nepal Police official, it is a routine directive which is issued during such times and that no other other special orders have been handed down at present.

A thick layer of security personnel had guarded the Supreme Court premises and the Singha Durbar-Ramshahpath area as the final verdict was being passed.