NSU to step up protest

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Students’ Union (NSU), affiliated to the Nepali Congress (Democratic), on Thursday announced further protest programmes over the arrest of former prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and NC(D) central member Prakash Man Singh, arrest of other student leaders and for dismantling of the Royal Commission for Corruption Control (RCCC). — HNS

Teen dies of rabies

BARA: A teenaged boy died of rabies on Tuesday. Bhola Das, 14, of Devigunj, Kalaiya-11, was bitten by a dog around two months ago. Instead of giving him anti-rabies vaccine, he was taken to local healers. On Monday he was rushed to the Dankan hospital at Raksaul, but doctors said it was too late. He died on the way home. Local Salauddin Ansari said around 12 persons have been bitten by dogs in the past two weeks. — HNS

Boy killed in mishap

BARA: An Indian boy died when he was hit by a bus at the local Lipanimal-6 road on Thursday. Nine-year-old Rahul Sarraf, who was living in a rented room in Parsa Lipanivirta-5, died on the spot when he was hit by a bus (Na 2 Kha 7496) heading Birgunj from Narayangadh, Mid-regional Tr-affic Police Office Pathlaiya said. — HNS