Civil servants’ protest

PHIDIM: The civil servants’ organisations on Friday protested the kidnap and thrashing of a postal office staff by Sanghiya Limbuwan Rajyaparisad cadres in Panchthar on March 8. Limbuwan Volunteers led by commander Pahalman Limbu abducted postal office staff Narbir Limbu, a resident of Ektapa-8 of Ilam, from his home, captivated him for 17 hours and looted Rs 5,000 from him. District based Nepal Civil Servants’ Association, Civil Servants’ Union and Nepal National Civil Servants’ Association condemned the act and demanded action against the guilty. — HNS

Campus padlocked

PHIDIM: Limbuwan Students’ Council (LSC) padlocked Panchthar Multiple Campus and vandalised the FSU office on Friday, demanding selection of representatives in the FSU through a proportional system. Claiming that the majority system could not proportionally represent all students, LSC students tore apart the name list of voters and padlocked the main gate of the campus. They also hoisted black flags in the campus. Meanwhile, the district based NSU, ANNFSU and ANNISU-R condemned the action. — HNS