Drinking takes its toll

BARA: A person died after consuming excessive alcohol in Rampur, Tokani VDC-3 of Bara. The deceased has been identified as Madan Dahal, 35, of Urlabari-4 in Morang district, also an employee of Bhagwat Steel, the police said. — HNS

Villages electrified

DAMAULI: District Energy and Environment, Tanahun, has completed 13 micro hydropower projects and started to produce 192 KW of electricity from Baidi, Kota, Bhirkot, Deurali, Kotdarbar, Chhimkeshwori, Raipur, Gajarkot, Ghiring Sundhara, Firfire, and Kahaun Shivapur. Some 11,235 villagers of around 1,605 households have taken advantage of the power generation. The programme, jointly aided by the government and the United Nations Development Programme, was launched in 1997. — RSS

Women’s drive

Dadeldhura: Those thinking of selling and consuming alcohol in Dadeldhura better think twice. Reason: Women will fine liquor sellers and drinkers. The ambit of fine is wide. Gambling organisers and players alike should also cough up the fine. A gathering held at Ajayameru VDC formed several women groups to wage the battle against rampant consumption of alcohol and gambling in the district. The women have imposed a fine of Rs 1,000 on each liquor seller and Rs 500 on each consumer and gambler. — RSS

Artifacts missing

UDAYAPUR: Artifacts of Panchawati Mai Temple in Panchawati-1, Udayapur district have been missing day by day due to lack of security in the temple. Khil Bahadur Shrestha, headmaster of Keureni Lower Secondary School, said that stone idols, copper medals and sculptures of archaeological and historical importance were being stolen from the temple. Locals complained that the concerned authority had not been been doing anything to preserve the valuable assets. They said dozens of attractive idols had already been stolen from the temple premises. — RSS