One bed for 3 patients

Butwal, October 11:

As many as three patients are being treated in a single bed in the Butwal-based Siddhartha Children and Women’s Hospital in Butwal, thanks to an increase in the number of patients.

At least 100 people are coming for emergency services in the hospital, which is being run by AMDA Nepal.

Dr Satis Rupakheti said the hospital witnesses an increase in the number of patients this time of the year due to weather change.

“Most of the children admitted to the hospital are suffering from respiratory problems,” Rupakheti added.

As many as three children are being kept in a bed to cope up with the pressure of patients, Dr Laxman Poudel said.

“Though it is not medically suitable to treat three patients in a single bed, we are doing it because we cannot just turn away the patients coming from far-off places in Lumbini and Rapti zones,” Dr Poudel added.

Patients have even been kept in the medicine sales section of the hospital.

The hospital has allocated 50 beds each for women and children.

“We would have to turn away over 50 per cent patients if the hospital started providing service as per its manpower and beds,” Dr Rupakheti said.

According to Rupakheti, patients from as far as Rolpa and Rukum districts were coming for treatment in the hospital because the hospital provided quality services.

The hospital, set up with Japanese assistance, is being run from revenue generated from check-up and admission charges. The government is yet to extend support to the hospital.