One dead, half dozen injured in clash in Saptari

SAPTARI: One person died while half a dozen of shutdown enforcers sustained injuries during a clash between police and cadres of United Madhesi Front at Bhardaha in Saptari today morning.

Local Rajib Raut, 35, was killed in course of the clash when police opened fire while the Front cadres were attempting to vandalise and set the traffic beat office ablaze, according to the locals.

The injured were rushed to Biratnagar for treatment, shared Ganga Prasad Shah, a local.

Police had fired 32 rounds of tear gas and opened 17 rounds fire to take situation under control, according to the witnesses.

Tensions have been flaring up in Bhardhada as the cadres were demonstrating against the administration in the district headquarters, Rajbiraj.

Thousands of vehicles remained off the road in Lahan, adjacent to Bhardaha due to the shutdown.

Similarly, police have arrested some half dozen of the Front's cadres while they were pelting stones at the vehicles in Rupani in the district.